[SYWZ] Chapter 224

Hi, here is chapter 224.

In case you cannot access the site, please wait a few dozen minutes before retrying. In fact, the server has currently sometimes some troubles enduring the influx of visitors at the moment of the release, and crashes for a little time at this moment. I’m doing my best trying to solve the problem, but I have some difficulty finding its origin.

Anyway apologies about that, and please enjoy the chapter. Have a good read.

  • michaely5

    😀 so me spam refreshing exited for the new release was infact just aiding the dos attack? 😀 i’d feel guilty if i’d read the message before the page loaded

  • teh 1

    Time to join the Wuxia World meta-hosting bandwagon?

    • Gator

      what if he’s already is? maybe separate server but just different source of revenue.

      • Robin

        No, he isn’t. Working independantly and releasing on his own site is what motivates him to go on. ^^

  • valter paavola

    Well might be time to give up being a solo site and joining your choice of novelsnao gt or ww.

  • Michael Finjan

    Nein, our toto-bro is a independent translator who ain´t need no help of hosters!

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